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Safety & Compliance

We always ensure that our solutions meet or exceed your brand standards.

HALO abides by the most comprehensive product safety, environmental and social compliance protocols available in the promotional products industry.

  • Product Compliance

    HALO’s robust vendor compliance program requires our suppliers to adhere to applicable federal, state and international regulatory standards.

  • Brand Protection

    We always ensure that our solutions are fully compliant with your brand standards, support your commitment to sustainability, and offer stringent product safety standards.

  • Ethical Conduct

    HALO requires our vendors to comply with and commit to operating their business according to fair labor practices and environmental compliance in all locations that it manufactures products for HALO.

Supply chain compliance

HALO manages a supply chain consisting of over 6,500 domestic and international suppliers. Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Certificate of Compliance agreements are required documents for every HALO supplier. We inspect directly and through certified third parties-several of our primary suppliers to assure compliance with worker safety, labor, and environmental laws.


Supplier Requirements:


  • Delivery
  • Labeling
  • Representations and Warranties
  • Recall Protocols
  • Indemnification
  • Insurance
  • Audit Rights

Product safety

Our “Secure Source” product integrity protocol guarantees that the products we sell are compliant with all local, state, national, and international laws on product material composition and manufactured in accordance with international labor standards. Our in-house product integrity teams work with our manufacturers and CPSC labs to ensure compliance. In 2020 we directed 805 product safety tests and 46 facility audits.

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Supplier Diversity

HALO’s supplier diversity program promotes business opportunities for diverse suppliers by offering incentives for certification and mentoring on how to comply with HALO standards. Our overall diversity spend is 7% across our organization with a 156% increase over the last 2 years. Our goal is to increase diversity spend to 10% of our total purchases from vendors by 2023.


Tier 2 Diversity (MWBE) Numbers:


  • 2020 $29.2MM
  • 2019 $29.4MM
  • 2018 $11.4MM

Human Rights

HALO enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy for the use of child or forced labor or human trafficking practices. Suppliers must comply with all applicable wage and hour labor laws as well as regulations covering employee compensation, reimbursements, taxes, and working hours. We require that all suppliers, agents, and factories seeking to become approved by HALO demonstrate in writing and practice a shared, relentless commitment to these standards.