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Branded Merchandise

  • Am I limited to the products that are listed on

  • What type of artwork file is needed?

  • What is a setup charge?

  • Are fully custom products available?

E-Commerce Solutions & Uniform Programs

  • What is included in an E-Commerce Solution & Uniform Program?

  • What type of uniform solutions do you service?

  • I want to invite HALO to participate in an RFP/RFI. Where should I send the information?

  • Who should I contact if I have questions regarding an order I placed on a company store?

Recognition & Incentives

  • Why would a Recognition & Incentive program be important for my company?

  • Will we see a return on investment if our company explores a Recognition & Incentive program?

  • What type of recognition & incentive platforms are available?

  • Who do I contact to check the status of my award, to redeem an award or general questions regarding our company's recognition program?

General Questions

  • How do I pay an invoice ?

  • What payment options are available to me?

  • How do I apply for credit terms?