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Telemarketer trying to reach their sales incentive goals

Sales Incentives

Motivate your teams and exceed revenue goals with flexible, scalable sales incentive programs.

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The world of sales is changing.

HALO’s incentive platforms keep all the information and motivation your sales teams need to hit their targets within reach on a single user-friendly platform that’s engaging and easy to use.

  • Flexible Platform

    Our scalable SaaS-Based software serves as a central platform to run multiple incentive programs with powerful tracking and communication tools.

  • Engaging User Experience

    Personalized dashboards give your sales teams an engaging online experience that puts all their incentive rules, progress, and awards in one place.

  • Low Administration

    Intuitive software coupled with ongoing account support, top-rated customer service, and day-to-day program management.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Robust reporting and data visualization to identify trends, leaders, and engagement levels.

Crush Sales Goals

Design, market, and run employee incentive programs companywide from a single platform.


  • Tailored marketing support and consultation
  • User-friendly software platform with SSO compatibility
  • Personalized employee incentive dashboards viewable on any device
Responsive sales incentive program on different devices


HALO’s creative team can help you design the perfect employee incentive program for your organization, relying on decades of experience with some of the largest workforces in the world.

Happy about new sales incentive program

Easy to design incentives for any situation.

  • Channel Sales
  • Wellness
  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Event Participation
  • Certificate Milestones
Sales incentives and other initiatives