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Achieving a Sustainable Future

At HALO, we view sustainability as more than just good business.

Our corporate responsibility strategy:

In 2019, we took an important first step in our corporate responsibility journey by working with the Environmental Defense Fund to create and implement a Sustainability Program through their Climate Corps Program. In 2021 we unveiled our key pillars for corporate responsibility.


HALO’s Key Pillars for Corporate Responsibility:

  • Empowering Teams

    Our Goal: Further support our teams and supply chain workers, ensuring they can provide for their families and prosper.

  • Stakeholder Alignment

    Our Goal: Continue to provide our customers with safe, high-quality products that are produced in alignment with their values and sustainability goals.

  • Building a Better Future

    Our Goal: Further reduce our environmental impact on the communities in which we operate through sustainable practices in our operations.

  • Working Ethically

    Our Goal: Maintain high standards of ethical conduct while acting with integrity at all times. We all have the responsibility to raise compliance and ethics concerns through our established reporting channels.

We are proud to provide our annual sustainability report outlining our corporate responsibility and environmental social governance to the public. We look forward to providing insight on the progress we are making as well as our short-and long-term goals – assuring a sustainable future in the months and years ahead.

2021 HALO ESG Report