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Custom Kitting & Swag Boxes

Send more than swag—deliver an experience.

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Your brand is unique. We’ll box you in with style.

Don’t just tell them what you’re about—show them. With our custom-made swag kits, you can deliver experiences that tell a story and open up meaningful relationships with your network.

  • Clients

    Build meaningful client relationships and expand your reach with custom branded swag boxes that make your brand unforgettable in a sea of competitors.

  • Employees

    Welcome new hires and show your employees appreciation with curated, creative swag boxes that can be shipped anywhere.

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  • Prospects

    Deliver an experience that captures new clients and inspires them to return to your brand, time and time again.

  • Tastemakers

    Elevate your brand with swag that generates buzz. Launch your out of the box ideas and products by packaging them to perfection.

  • Influencers

    Send Instagram-worthy custom swag boxes that capture the attention of your brand champions—and their followers.

  • Attendees

    Deliver branded experiences that last longer than a video call with swag boxes that let your attendees open up a memory.

  • Holidays

    Capture the magic of the holiday season with an experience your clients and employees will remember.

    Holiday Kits

Kitting made easy.

We take the stress out of swag by walking you through every step of the kitting process. From product selection and package design to logistics and delivery, we’ll figure out how best to fit your innovative ideas inside of a box. We’ll work with you on custom designs, unique fill options, marketing, and more—all with your budget and scale in mind. Your brand is unique. Let’s tell a story that shines.


Kitting simplified:

  • Creative packaging 
  • Strategic merchandising
  • Personalized box inserts and cards 
  • Simplified logistics
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Secure data collection
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The Ultimate Guide to Kitted Swag.

This Ebook unpacks everything you need to know about company swag boxes:


  • Identifying audiences
  • Developing your message
  • Maximizing budgets
  • Data collection
  • Simplifying logistics
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Ready to build the perfect kit with ease?

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The method behind our kitting revolution.

Our team of experts bring a strategic mindset to swag. We do this by delivering unforgettable brand experiences that amplify impact and drive results.

  • Discovery & Research

    With budget and timeline always in mind, we commit to understanding your objectives and knowing your audience.

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  • Merchandising & Sourcing

    Our custom swag boxes are strategically catered for your audience to generate excitement and maximize your budget.

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  • Creative & Design

    Our custom design services and unique decoration techniques guarantee that we unbox your brand in style.

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  • Logistics & Delivery

    Our team ensures that we deliver your branded experience on time, every time.

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