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The Best Time to Send Corporate Holiday Gifts

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‘Tis The Season for Corporate Holiday Gifts

The Fall and Winter seasons are almost upon us, and businesses are already planning their corporate holiday gifts. However, deciding when to send these gifts can be tricky, especially during the busy holiday months. This is why we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll cover some of the best times of year to send out your corporate holiday gifts, along with tips on making a lasting impact on your employees and clients.

Christmas/Holiday Season

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There’s no doubt that the holiday season is the most popular time of year to send gifts. Christmas, in particular, is the most popular time of year to send gifts, with thousands of businesses sending out corporate holiday gifts in the weeks leading up to the big day. Holiday-themed kits, custom-branded ugly sweaters, and hot cocoa bombs are some of the most popular and fun gifts to send to employees and clients.

But make sure to plan ahead to avoid the last-minute rush, which can be especially stressful during the holiday season. Shipping carriers are often overwhelmed during the holiday season, and delivery times may be longer than usual. Starting early ensures your gifts have plenty of time to reach their destination before the holiday rush begins.


For many, Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday. It’s a special time for family, friends, and, most importantly, gratitude and appreciation. Late November is still early enough in the holiday season that your gift will likely stand out from the crowd. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to foster stronger business relationships with your valued employees and clients. After all, they are the backbone of your success.

A personalized Thanksgiving gift can leave a lasting impression of gratitude and appreciation. It shows your clients that you value their loyalty and support, which can go a long way in building stronger business relationships. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s thoughtful, personalized, and expresses your gratitude for their continued partnership.

New Year

As the holiday season fades away, it’s a great idea to keep the festive spirit alive by sending corporate gifts in January. This gesture not only demonstrates gratitude but also helps set the tone for a positive year ahead. With January being a relatively slow month for businesses, giving corporate gifts can help boost the morale of your team and clients.

Show your employees and clients that you care with a thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting impression. You could send them a countdown kit to the new year, complete with inspiring messages and celebratory goodies. Alternatively, consider practical items that help your recipients stay organized, such as personalized notebooks or branded calendars. For those who prioritize fitness and wellness, you could also send workout gear or other health-related items that encourage a healthy start to the year.

Corporate Holiday Gift Planning

There’s no one “best” time of year to send corporate holiday gifts and gifts to your employees and clients. Depending on your business, any of the above occasions could be the perfect opportunity to show appreciation, and the most important thing is to have a plan. By choosing the right timing, you can maximize the impact of your gifts and build stronger connections with the people who make your business successful. So, start planning your gift-giving strategy today and give your clients and employees something to smile about this holiday season!