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Employee service award program

Employee Service Awards

Celebrate all the important milestones in your employees’ careers with our powerful suite of date-driven recognition technology and tools.

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Employee service awards are a cornerstone of employee appreciation.

Marking the journey with an employee service award program can boost company morale like no other form of appreciation.

  • The Gift of Choice

    Desirable employee service award catalogs at every milestone that appeal to every generation of workers.

  • Powerful Technology

    Automated HR software for tracking employee service anniversaries, notifications and activity.

  • In-Country Fulfillment

    Reliable global and in-country fulfillment for a memorable employee experience

Empower Managers

Support, training, and recognition resources to help managers create meaningful employee milestone celebrations.


  • Automatic employee service award notifications.
  • Presentation guides and experience-building tips.
  • Detailed FAQ’s, customer support and leadership content.

Powerful Presentations

Personalized service anniversary and social recognition software make every presentation a memorable employee experience.


  • All-in-one presentation pieces and employee awards available in hundreds of configurations.
  • Connect colleagues all over the world and leverage social recognition with private messaging, personalized eCards, and video messages.
Service award presentation for employee milestone

Social Recognition

Being social and sharing recognition far and wide is essential to company-wide culture building. HALO’s cloud-based employee recognition technology allow for deep personalization, dynamic program updates, and the ability to connect employees across departments and regions during celebrations with easy-to-use tools.

social tools for employee service anniversaries

Global Employee Recognition Solutions

Celebrate employee milestones consistently and effectively no matter where they are located.


  • Save on international shipping costs with convenient in-country fulfillment.
  • Regional employee service award gift catalogs based on local tastes and customs.
  • Multilingual customer service and translation services.
  • Specially designed employee milestone awards provide a consistent employee experience abroad while avoiding excessive tariffs, duties, and waste.
Celebrate employee milestones all around the world