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Three Keys To Being an Engaging Manager


Managers are the number one influence on employee engagement in the workplace. Here are three keys to being an engaging manager.

Managers are the number one influence on employee engagement in the workplace, while being one of the most under-trained positions in the business world. As a result, there is a wealth of white papers, scientific studies, and entire organizations devoted to figuring out what makes managers effective at motivating and leading others. But there’s one study by Quantum Workplace, The 50 Best and Worst Recognition Comments of 2013, that goes to the horse’s mouth to find out what employees are really saying.

Quotes of the Day

Quantum Workplace compiles some of the most compelling recognition-related comments found in Best Places to Work and TeamPulse surveys for the annual publication, and it’s a great snapshot of the ground-floor recognition needs of today’s employees. Needless to say, some have better situations than others. On the subject of poor management, these were choice comments:

“As time has passed, I’ve become more and more convinced that I am invisible. My manager does not care about my growth and development at all. I am very much looking forward to finding a job with a different company.”

“Recognition is given to those who put in the most hours, not those who do the best work.”

“Would a ‘thank you’ be so hard?”

“We just go through the motions so we don’t get yelled at and can get home by five.”

Ouch. Not too inspiring. But let’s take a look at what people had to say about
good managers:

“Management gives constructive criticism when it’s needed and praise when it’s due.”

“I appreciate the small incentives, general kindness, and ‘thank-yous’ for a job well-done”

“Senior management talks with us to find out what motivates us to strive for company goals. They use those means of motivation to show that they really care about their employees.”

“I have a great supervisor who listens and considers my thoughts and ideas.”

The Three Keys

When you hear it straight from employees it all seems pretty simple, and that’s because it is! Be kind, give them equal stake in the company’s success, and always treat them with respect—those are the three keys to being an engaging manager. You can quote us on that.