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PPAI 2024: Fun Finds and Creative Inspirations


Some of our favorite products from the 2024 PPAI Expo

Unpacking the Best from PPAI Expo 2024

Embark on a journey through the latest and greatest finds from the 2024 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, the largest industry trade show in North America. Our curated selection spans from space-efficient travel gear to tech-forward accessories, emphasizing innovation and style. Whether enhancing your daily routine or elevating your promotional strategy, these standout products promise to inspire and excite. Join us as we delve into the highlights that captivated us on the show floor, showcasing the creativity and evolution within the promotional products industry.

Roll-Up Duffle Bag

For an adventure in packing, meet the Roll-Up Duffle Bag! This isn’t just any bag; it’s your quirky sidekick ready to roll into action (or into a compact form) whenever you are. Designed for the spontaneous and the organized alike, it’s as durable as your spirit of adventure. Whether you’re hitting the gym or globetrotting, it’s the ultimate space-saver with style to boot.
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Tiki Speaki™ Wireless Speaker Lantern

Light up your night and tune into your favorite vibes with the Tiki Speaki Wireless Speaker Lantern! This dual-purpose gadget combines the ambiance of a lantern with the grooves of a wireless speaker, making it perfect for any outdoor gathering or cozy indoor setting. Its tiki-inspired design adds a tropical flair, ensuring your evenings are filled with light, music, and style.

Water Bottle Pouch

Elevate your hydration game with the Water Bottle Pouch, a sleek and practical accessory that fits almost any tumbler or water bottle. This pouch is perfect for those who want to keep their drinks close and their hands-free, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities, workouts, or daily commuting. Its versatility and design tap into the popular trend of functional yet stylish hydration solutions.

MagSafe Wireless Phone and iWatch Charger

Capture the essence of convenience and efficiency with the sleek portable charging station! It’s the perfect tech companion for those on the go, ensuring your devices stay charged no matter where your adventures take you. Its compact design fits seamlessly into any lifestyle, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and busy bees alike.
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Ghost Boards Custom Longboards

Craft your unique Ghost Longboard with options galore! Select the perfect deck size and thickness, choose from an array of wheel colors, and add LED lights for a dazzling ride. Each board is a canvas for your creativity, ensuring no two rides are the same. Ready to build a board that’s as unique as your ride?

Cuddle Jogger

Dive into the unparalleled comfort of Boxercraft Women’s Cuddle Fleece Joggers, crafted from the dreamy Hacci fabric that combines the softness of a sweater with the coziness of sweatpants. These joggers are the epitome of casual chic, offering lightness, stretchability, and a snug fit with a self-adjusting waistband and knotted drawcord. Ribbed cuffs seal in warmth, making them the perfect partner for cuddling up in style. Ready to embrace the ultimate cozy experience?
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Custom Croc Charms

Give your Crocs a splash of personality with these Custom Shoe Charms! Tailor-made to suit any style, shape, or color, these charms are crafted from waterproof, non-toxic PVC, making them perfect for any setting – be it school, corporate events, or festive gatherings. Dive into customization and let your Crocs be a canvas for your creativity!
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Day Owl Backpack

Crafted for the modern urban explorer, the Day Owl Backpack in Nocturnal Black is a sophisticated blend of form and function. Designed with sustainability and convenience in mind, it offers ample space for daily essentials, tech-friendly compartments, and a sleek, minimalist look. Perfect for those who value both style and environmental responsibility on their daily adventures.
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Owala FreeSip

The Owala FreeSip bottle, celebrated as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023, boasts a 24 oz double-wall, 18/8 stainless steel thermal design with copper vacuum insulation. It features a dual-purpose threaded lid, push-button locking mechanism, sip opening, built-in straw, and a powder-coated finish. Its innovative design supports two drinking methods: a straw for sipping and a wider opening for guzzling, tailored to the user’s mouth, transforming the everyday act of hydration into something extraordinary.

Snap 4 Luxe

Elevate your phone’s sophistication with the Snap 4 Luxe, blending seamlessly with your high-end device thanks to its sleek aluminum trim. It’s designed to be thinner than your camera bumps, preventing pocket snags, and boasts a magnetic feature for easy mounting. Enjoy a one-handed slide open for a comfy grip or lock it in place for a stable kickstand. Plus, it’s MagSafe® compatible, offering hassle-free wireless charging without removal. Watch Demo

Beyond the Expo: Dive Into Our 2024 PPAI Expo Lookbook

The 2024 PPAI Expo marked the beginning of an exciting year filled with innovative products. Explore our lookbook below for a deeper dive into the creative and stylish selections that await. With each page, you’ll uncover new possibilities to inspire your campaigns and delight your audience. Let’s make this year your most impactful yet by discovering even more great products together.