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5 Medical Assistants Recognition Week Ideas


MARWeek, takes place the third week of October and health organizations are looking for recognition ideas to make this one memorable.

Why Celebrate MARWeek?

Medical Assistants Recognition Week, aka MARWeek, takes place the third week of October and health organizations are looking for recognition ideas to make this one memorable. Certified medical assistants (CMAs) are primarily responsible for prevention and screening and as such have seen their on-the-job stress sharply increase since COVID-19.

5 Helpful Ideas for Recognizing CMAs

Frontline hospital workers like RNs, CNAs, and CMAs all have week-long recognition events to highlight their selflessness and heroism not just in 2020, but every year. Medical Assistants Recognition Week is a chance to do something extra special and call out their hard work amid the pandemic. Here are 5 [superlative] ideas to help:

  1. Spotlight article – Highlight the important contributions of CMAs and formally recognize them through an organization-wide article via intranet, email, or social media channels.
  2. Appreciation roll call – Gather your CMAs for a brief socially distanced or virtual meeting where you can share how much their contributions mean in person and call out specific achievements.
  3. Tuition/training reimbursement – The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) recommends offering financial assistance for business-, computer-, or medical-related classes and seminars to show your thanks.
  4. Special recognition – For workplaces that have an employee recognition system, creating a special award, gift pack, or eCard to celebrate MARWeek can communicate appreciation while raising the profile of CMAs.
  5. Posters and awareness – Official posters for MARWeek 2020 are available from the AAMA for easy printing and display. Encourage informal recognition from colleagues and keep the positive vibes flowing.

Extraordinary Efforts

CMA jobs are essential positions that are always in demand, to the tune of three times the national average. Beyond their extraordinary efforts dealing with COVID-19, it’s quite a responsibility to be the ones in charge of screening for all the reasons we go to the hospital. Make this Medical Assistants Recognition Week a memorable one.